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Founded in March 2002, Guimafluxo already has 14 years old of history always guided by a stable and steady growth. Claiming to be one of the largest and best consulting service providers, accounting and human resource management, Guimafluxo works with its customers on a unique and innovative method called Collaborative Business Experience. For the commitment to achieving mutual success and achievement of tangible value, we help businesses in implementing strategies to meet legal and tax duties and thrive through the power of collaboration.


The services we provide are designed to help customers develop their businesses at all levels of the value chain. Our services are organized into three disciplines: Consulting Services, Human Resources Management and Accounting Services.


Each discipline covers a variety of services that are targeted to a specific business process in need. The three disciplines can be combined to provide an integrated solution or be applied according to individual needs of each client in all activity sectors.

By working in partnership, we help people to better managing their business, which requires an extraordinary combination of ideas, people and resources.

One company, one goal: to help customers being succeeded, to optimize their capacity and how to be more competitive in their specific markets. To this end, we intend to offer to our customers a constant and personalized support to ensure their sustained and profitable long-term growth.


We assume ourselves to be more and more important as partners of our clients and their projects. We offer our know-how, experience and technical domain in management, accounting and consulting in order to these projects are always connoted with sophistication and quality results.


What we do

The services provided by us allow you to accelerate the performance of your company, even in adverse market conditions, and allow you having a direct impact on growth and profitability. We intend to help you improve your global services, in order to get efficiency gains and significant cost reductions.



To be recognized as a member of excellence in our field, and always having an ethical behavior in the fulfillment of our mission.



Our mission is to provide quality work, and our priority is meet the client requests within the deadlines with the general objective of respecting our commitments.



Maintain our performance for the respect of the following orientations:

  • Customer orientation, envisaging exceed their expectations, based on a responsible, rigorous and credible service;
  • Always pay attention to our employees, in order to maintain a motivated working team, based on a personal value system, training and providing good working conditions;
  • Being ethic, performing action guided by honesty and good faith, and always respecting legal rules;
  • Having responsibility, clear sense of liability in performed acts, exerting services with professional secrecy, be competent, by using the appropriate knowledge and skills, and always respect the law, the principles and ethical criteria’s;
  • Master and overcome technical expertise and update knowledge for the proper exercise of our services.


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